Gruber FIT Project

The Foundation’s core belief is that every young adult deserves to have an employment opportunity that is dignified, intellectual and productive. The “Foundation Internship Transition ” project (FIT) combines academic progress and real mentoring work experience with organizations that have an interest in building relationships with students seeking a successful lifestyle and have a desire to secure their future. The Foundation believes in helping all students transition from high school students to career-minded adults through the (FIT) project by providing part-time employment opportunities to young adults that are high school seniors or recent graduates of a high school or GED program. The Foundation is committed to those young adults who are seeking help and guidance in becoming self-sustaining and productive members of their local community.

We offer free workshops and free part-time job placement assistance to teach essential time management skills to young adults to help them understand how to balance part-time work with a part-time or full-time academic career. Young adults are encouraged to attend any college of their choice on a full-time or part-time schedule to participate in the FIT project. Students are encouraged to take at least one course at their college in critical thinking or logical reasoning. This will increase their opportunities for more intellectual entry-level administration paid internships and not be limited by their options, such as having to work at a primary physical labor-intensive type job. Students will be counseled on the introductory type of work they would enjoy doing with the knowledge they already possess or with the knowledge they are willing to obtain through a paid internship part-time job.

The Gruber Foundation is a non-profit organization that works with some of the World’s largest corporations in the service, technology, and transportation industries that support the Foundation through their advisory and philanthropic contributions.

The Gruber Foundation will provide free internship counseling and part-time job placement assistance to any student that has a High School diploma or GED. If any parent is interested in seeking these services for their child, please contact us for more information on how to schedule an appointment with one of our staff members.