To all Concerned Parents

At the Gruber Foundation, we know how important your child’s future is to you and we want to give you our assurance that we will do everything to have your child reach their maximum potential score on the SAT/ACT exam.

We are dedicated and committed to getting your child to score in the top 5% by providing Dr. Gary Gruber’s innovative online, interactive test preparation course. We guarantee students will become what we call the “5 percenters” if they are committed and dedicated to our interactive SAT/ACT lessons and quizzes, for a minimum of 10 hours. However, some students have completed the course material in as little as 5 hours.


• What Is The Gruber Foundation?

The Gruber Foundation is a philanthropic organization that helps students develop their critical thinking skills and helps maximize their potential as they pursue their academic career.

In addition, the Foundation also provides free Federal Financial Aid and Scholarship services to every student regardless of their current financial status.

“No family will be left behind due to their financial situation.”

We are dedicated to providing students with a creative, exciting, and forward-thinking approach to learning. After many years of research and development, the Gruber Foundation has produced the world’s most significant and effective strategies and skills to develop students’ minds to help them succeed in their academic life. This new pedagogy can be accessed in Dr. Gruber’s unique and interactive SAT/ACT online course.

Dr. Gary Gruber has helped over 7 million students on their SAT/ACT exams and he is known as the world’s leading expert when it comes to critical thinking strategies and skills. Our dedicated staff is ready to help each student improve their academic career, having provided over $1 billion in scholarship funds and financial aid.

• How Does The Gruber Foundation Work?

The Gruber Foundation works as a three-step approach to helping students succeed in the following ways;


• What Is The Gruber Foundation Mission?

The Gruber Foundation’s mission is to help all students and their parents get as much financial aid and scholarship funds possible to reduce the burden of their financial concerns for their college expense.

We provide students with proven critical thinking methods and skills developed by Dr. Gary Gruber over the past 30 years.

Our philosophy is to leave no parent or student behind in their pursuit of receiving a college degree. The Gruber Foundation is able to do this by providing free Financial Aid and Scholarship assistance to every parent and student seeking help.

• Who Is Dr. Gary Gruber?

Dr. Gary Gruber, Ph. D. is an American educator, author, and theoretical quantum physicist who has been recognized nationally as the leading expert on standardized tests, and the originator and developer of critical thinking skills that are necessary for succeeding at the highest level on the SAT/ACT college entrance exams.

Dr. Gruber and The Foundation has helped over 7 million students prepare for and excel on their SAT/ACT exams. His test preparation courses have achieved the highest documented scores in the nation. His mission is to continue to help all students, regardless of their financial status or educational background, to benefit from his critical thinking methods and strategies.

• How Can The Gruber Foundation Help You?

The Gruber Foundation will provide free assistance to complete the FAFSA application and a free scholarship search for every Gruber student.

The Gruber Foundation was founded to continue Dr. Gruber’s work so as to influence as many student lives as possible and to have a significant impact on the outcome of their academic success.

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