Gruber FAFSA: Free Application For Federal Student Aid

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At the Gruber Foundation, we know how important your child’s future is to you and we want to give you our assurance that we will do everything to help your child receive the maximum amount of financial aid and scholarship funds available for their college education.

We provide free federal financial aid and scholarship counseling to every student and parent.

“No family will be left behind due to their financial status.”

Dr. Gruber has helped over 7 million people prepare for college, and our dedicated partners at the Foundation has helped over four hundred thousand students receive well over $1 billion in federal financial aid and scholarship funds over the past 40 years.

• What Is The Gruber Foundation Mission?

Our mission is to help all students and their parents receive as much financial aid and scholarship funds possible to assist with their college expense. We will assist every parent and student with completing the free Federal Financial Aid application (FAFSA).

Our philosophy is to leave no parent or student behind in their pursuit of receiving a college degree. The Gruber Foundation is able to do this by providing free financial aid and scholarship counseling to every parent and student seeking help.

We understand how overwhelming, complicated, and confusing the FAFSA can be for parents and students to complete. Our staff will guide you through the FAFSA application step-by-step. As well as assist with any scholarship fund searches.

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